Our team 

Our team is made up of qualified accountants with lots of experience.  We only hire qualified people or the people doing professional qualification. We have also developed an  internal training program (CPD) where we train our staff in order to ensure that they are complying with the guidance set by HMRC. We do this to continually improve our knowledge so that our clients get the right service. Rules have been changed all the time, therefore this continuous professional development program (CPD) set by our firm keeps track of anything changes. This ensures that our clients will never get a wrong advice. 

Meet our team

Name:    Usman Ali Wairs 
Position:      Director 
Phone:         0753 860 5490
Email:          info@adeptaccountants.uk

Qualification: ACCA BSc Hons

Experience: More than 5 years of experience in practice Accounting


Our Mission is to be the leaders not the followers. We often require people who are self-driven, confident, hardworking and highly professional. We encourage continuous learning and people with new ideas.  We also like to adopt those ideas if they are going to help improving our business  and our client service. We have really nice and friendly environment with added training provided from time to time. If you think this is what you were looking for and you have the right skills to be a great asset to the firm, then send us your CV to the following email address: Info@adeptaccountants.uk