Contractor Accounting

If you have decided that the best trading option for the current stage of your contracting career is a limited company, then choosing a specialist accountant in the sector is the key and that is where we will help you. We have been dealing with a wide range of contractors and we have a significant growth in this sector only because of the uniqueness of our services to the contractor clients. We understand the challenges faced by the contractors due to the recent changes, such as the  introduction of IR35 and the flat rate scheme therefore we are spending extra time and adding more resources to ensure that your business is risk free. We will determine the risk factor from time to time and we will keep you updated.

We provide on-going indefinite advice to all of our clients, but we have put special emphasis to the contractors because of the nature of their trading. We understand that the contractors need the regular advice and good control of their finances. That’s why we have introduced different packages depending on the client’s requirements. Packages will depend on the price plan you are willing to choose. Please contact us for more information;